Athens_November 2019 / Prize from the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung in Athens. / Project in cooperation with the A` painting studio and the department of art history and theory of the Athens School of Fine Arts, the gallery Ikastikos Kiklos ΔΛ and the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung in Athens.

45X35cm., nails, wrapped in fabric, nailed to wood and Styrofoam covered with fabric.

Krwawa (bloody) Rosa, as Rosa Luxemburg is known in Polish. The nail as a sharp object “injures” the solid material (the established system) and makes the rebel, the mass, the system bleed. 

The soft material of the fabric and the different patterns are symbols of Rosa`s feminine side, of the own identity of each individual of the rebellious mass and of an alternative proposal of dialectical radicalism. The story of each individual plays just as important a role as the concentrated power of the united mass. The nails are nailed to a hard background covered with a leathery fabric, giving them a physical and human dimension.

Photo credits: Stratis Stamatakos