On the occasion of the disease “lupus” which can cause kidney disease among other things, the wolf comes to the fore, which was an animal that symbolized the fighter-warrior already in ancient times and was an omen of victory.

The links in the chain that form the word lupus (“lupus” in Latin) are cut from filter sheets, in order to refer to the function of the kidneys as a filter for the blood and the body in general. Due to kidney disease, the patient is “tied” to the dialysis machine day in and day out. However, this process of “artificial filter”, saves time and the good omen (the wolf) foreshadows the finding of a compatible donor.

The background consisting of pink marble refers colour-wise (with the red “veins”) to the parenchyma of vital organs and as a precious material, also underlines  the wisdom and magnificence of the functioning of the human organism.

Photo credits: Stratis Stamatakos